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April 21, 1965 – Residents of Beech Island unanimously voted to establish the Beech Island Water District and to construct a $200,000 modern water works system. All 223 ballots cast in the referendum were in favor of setting up the water district.
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May 6, 1965 – A description of the district was filed in the office of the Secretary of State in South Carolina for the formation of the District.

June 9, 1965 A meeting was held and officers were elected to serve as board members of the water district.  (Five) board members. 

November 1965 – A federal grant was allocated in the amount of $235,000.00. These funds were used to construct a 200,000 gallon storage tank, well #1, pumping station, treatment facility and 13 miles of pipe to serve 251 familes and a base for future growth.  The daily consumpution at that time was 100,000 gallons per day. 
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1971 – 100,000 Gallon storage tank constructed at corner of Pine Log Road and Piney Heights roads also lines extended along Pine Log Road.

1975 – Well #3 located on hwy #125 and a 250,000 gallon elevated storage tank constructed.

1977 – Well #4 located on Pine Log Road across from Beech Island Avenue (now known as the booster pump station).

1982 and 1983 – Well #5 located on Demedicis Boulevard and a 250,000 gallon storage tank constructed.

1991 – Well #6 located on the Panton Plantation property on Pine Log Road. A 300,000 gallon storage tank at well #4 was also constructed. All six wells draw from the Tuscaloosa Aquifer.

June 1999 – Aiken County Council expanded the boundaries of the district with resolution #99-6-124 

July 2005 – Aiken County council expanded the boundaries of the district with resolution #05-07-145.

July 16, 2008 – South Carolina General Assembly, after legislation, empowered the district to provide sanitary sewer. Aiken County resolution #08-07-179. 

Today the district serves 3300 water customers with a daily consumption of 1,081,000 gallons per day. Pumping capacity of 2,598,200 which includes wholesale customers Kimberly Clark, Pactiv Corporation, Aiken County Sewerage Treatment Plant and Valley Public Serivce Authority.

2008 – A $6,971,200,00 Loan  was approved by  U.S. Rural Development  and the district  is in the process of extending  and upgrading to 6” water mains with fire hydrants on Tennis Ranch Road, CCC Road, Pine Log Road from Church Road to Highway #278. Herndon Dairy Road to Oak Pointe Subdivision. Storm Branch Road, Brier Patch Road, Old Jackson Highway. 

New office and maintenance facility 630 Beech Island Avenue. Moved in August 2008 

The water treatment will also be changed from soda ash to lime slurry at all five well sites. 

A 250,000 gallon tank and treatment facility is being constructed on the additional property purchased on the Piney Heights site. The 100,000 gallon storage tank torn down. 

Line extensions out of pocket are Scarborough, Tennis Ranch Road, Saddlehorse Road, Appaloosa Way, Keith Drive, Arabian & Buckskin Courts. Rural development reimbursed $525,000.00 For the out of pocket expense from the 2008 loan.

March 16, 2010 Beam’s construction won the bid for sanitary sewer line installation from Highway #125 @ Bank to the lift station on Old Jackson Highway. 


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